HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Signs at Sand Hollow State Park already show no campfires are allowed.

Lisa Ganz of Ivins is visiting the park today and she, along with local leaders, has some concerns with Memorial Weekend around the corner and fire dangers only fueling.

“It’s so darn dry we need to be concerned about fires and actually coming from California, every summer there’s always a big fire where we see a lot of the smoke here as well,” says Ganz.

Officials say before heading to Southern Utah, check your chains to make sure they aren’t dragging and check your tires.

“The fine fuel moisture is absolutely nill in these fine grasses and all it takes it a spark and we’ve got a problem,” says Mike Melton, the Fire Management Officer in Southwest Utah for the Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands.

Melton says cheat grass is a major fuel to fire, making it spread quickly.

“We’re going to have a whole lot of people in southwest Utah this weekend, and the probability of fire starts goes way up,” he says,

Melton says mountain areas are deceivingly dry, what may look green can still be a danger.

“We are looking at three days of red flag warnings over the weekend, for high wind and relative humidity, and it’s going to be hot,” he says.

Melton says it’s important the public is aware of the conditions in the area, and take extra precautions.

For more information on fire safety, click here.