UTAH (ABC4) – Lane filtering: what is it? According to Utah’s Department of Public Safety (DPS), lane filtering refers to the process in which a motorcyclist moves between two lanes to the front of traffic stopped at an intersection. 

Though having a motorcycle pass closely to your stopped vehicle can be alarming, lane filtering is in fact legal in Utah under certain circumstances and has been since 2019 when legislatures passed H.B. 149 into law. 

In short, the DPS notes that the law is intended to prevent or reduce rear end collisions between approaching vehicles and motorcycles in stopped traffic. 

To remind both drivers and motorcyclists, the DPS recalls that lane filtering is only legal in Utah when:

  • The individual is on a roadway divided into two or more adjacent traffic lanes in the same direction of travel
  • The individual is one a roadway with a speed limit of 45 mile per hour or less
  • The vehicle being overtaken in the same lane is stopped
  • The motorcycle is traveling at a speed of 15 miles per hour or less
  • The movement can be made safely

So when exactly can you expect to see lane filtering? As motorcycling is seasonal in Utah, the recent surge of warm weather has lured many motorcyclists to the roads. So, expect to see motorcycle lane filtering starting now and lasting until about early October.