What causes facial aging and how to win the battle


Do you feel like you’re fighting the battle of aging, and losing? Dr. Benjamin Dunkley from Envision Cosmetic Surgery, joined Nicea DeGering on Midday with some age-defying options.

Dr. Dunkley says research show facial aging is much more complex than the skin sagging and removing the excess. Here are some of the many components:

  1. Deflation or loss of fat.
  2. Separation of fat compartments
  3. Receding bones
  4. Loss of skin elasticity
  5. Thinning of the skin
  6. Sluggish skin cell turnover

He says there are several ways to win the battle of aging skin. Facial rejuvenation, chemical peels, and filler injections are all good options. When more improvement is needed, that’s when Dr. Dunkley considers a facelift.  He says patients come in pulling the skin towards their ear, or complain about their jowls, the only solution is the facelift. It is the most dramatic way to reverse the appearance of aging, and if done well, does not leave you with stigmata or a crazy wind-blown look.

For other non-surgical options, or to see before-and-after photos, visit EnvisionSurgery.com.

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