UTAH (ABC4) – Food trucks are ubiquitous throughout Utah. Though these meals-on-wheels are both cheap and convenient, how tasty are they compared to the alternative? According to our readers, Utah has some of the best food trucks in the nation. Recently, ABC4 reached out to viewers to ask for their must-try food truck recommendations and the suggestions came in surplus. To make it easy on you, we’ve narrowed down the Top 5 can’t-miss food trucks in the Salt Lake City area.  

World’s Best Corndog

Voted Utah’s best food truck of 2020, World’s Best Corndog is offering famous footlong corndogs that they deem “a masterpiece.” The dog is made up of a quarter-pound of 100% pure beef, “frank-packed, spiced, and pampered to juicy perfection.” Every dog is hand-dipped in homemade World’s Best Original batter before receiving a generous dousing in 100% pure canola oil, adding the perfect element of a fried crispy crunch. For a sweet twist, employees encourage enjoying the dog with a bit of honey! To find a World’s Best Corndog truck near you, click here

Yalla Kosher

Parked and open for business every Sunday through Thursday from noon to 8 p.m. at 1760 1100 East in Salt Lake City, Yalla Kosher Food Truck is serving up some serious Mediterranean fare. With various signature dishes, sides, and beverages, Yalla offers everything from Mediterranean classics like the Falafel Pita and Chicken Kabob Bowl to traditional dishes like the fresh Israeli Salad and the Sabich Pita. Prices run cheap as nothing on the menu exceeds $20. 

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

With choices between their basic Current Menu and two Special Occasion Menus, Yoshi’s Japanese Grill is offering Utahns a wide array of Japanese cuisine. The Current Menu features classics like teriyaki chicken, fried sushi, and potstickers while the Special Occasion Menus offer Current Menu dishes with the addition of two pork and vegetable potstickers as well as off-Current Menu items like The Reloaded, a tempura shrimp and rice dish doused in Yoshi’s famous teriyaki and garnished with spicy mayo and scallions. Looking for a Yoshi’s Food Truck near you? The truck’s Instagram page posts photos of their weekly food truck schedule. 

On the Hook Fish and Chips

Bringing a bit of the North over to the West, On the Hook Fish and Chips specializes in “line-caught wild Alaskan cod fish and chips.” As noted on the food truck’s website, the main ingredient in every dish is the highest quality cod sourced from clean Alaskan waters. The fish is “brought aboard individually, and immediately headed, gutted, and flash-frozen” to ensure a perfectly preserved and tender cod. Every fish is fried in handmade beer batter and the array of signature dipping sauces created by the truck’s founders make for the perfect finishing touch. To view the truck’s July schedule, click here

Courtesy of On the Hook Fish and Chips

The Cluck Truck

Based in Salt Lake City, the Cluck Truck uses a slow and steady process to ensure that every dish served is top-quality. The truck’s chicken is brined for a 24-hour period before it is breaded in a corn flake coating with sesame seeds and a secret mixture of spices. To pair alongside your wrap, fries, tenders, or any other menu offering, the Cluck Truck offers a variety of homemade sauces. To keep up with the Cluck Truck, follow their Facebook page where they post their weekly schedule.