Western wildfires bringing smoke to Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – You may have noticed haze in the air over the weekend. Some of that dirty air has traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to get here. Wind is blowing smoke from neighboring wildfires into Utah.

Dozens of wildfires along the West Coast are sending smoke throughout the Western United States. The Park Hill fire is burning in Southern California. It’s destroyed 1,800 acres and the smoke is blowing its way to Utah.

“Right now the winds are blowing smoke from some of the fires in California up toward Utah and they’re starting to make their way into the State here,” said Good 4 Utah Meteorologist Curtis Ray.

Some of the largest western fires are raging in Alaska. According to reports, the Sockeye fire has destroyed 7,200 acres outside Anchorage. Smoke from this and other Alaskan fires are filling the air. Good 4 Utah Meteorologist Curtis Ray said it could be coming to Utah too.

“If the wind switched to a certain direction more from the north west, we could see some smoke from those fires,” said Ray.

Although the haze may look alarming, Ray said it shouldn’t pose a health risk for susceptible people in Utah.

“Right now a lot of that smoke is being taken overhead up where the planes and jets fly, and then continues with the planes and the jets out of the picture,” Ray said.

Utah does have a wildfire burning right now. It’s the Old Woman fire. It’s burning near Salina, but compared to the other fires, it’s extremely small. Online estimates show it’s only destroyed 110 acres.


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