West Yellowstone experiences nearly a dozen earthquakes in 24 hours


Old Faithful geyser erupts in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming on June 11, 2019. – Old Faithful has erupted every 44 to 125 minutes since 2000. (DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)

YELLOWSTONE, Montana (ABC4 News) – According to an article from Science Alert an area near Yellowstone National Park experienced nearly a dozen earthquakes on Friday.

West Yellowstone in Montana reported eleven earthquakes on Friday, the strongest measuring a 3.1 magnitude.

According to the article, this area has been hit by an additional 34 quakes in the past month.

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The other quakes ranged between magnitude 1.6 to 3.1. You might be wondering…is a cluster of earthquakes common in the area? According to officials, the cluster is not unusual.

Yellowstone is a complicated area, besides being volcanically active, Yellowstone is also seismically active with 700 to 3000 quakes a year. Most are not felt. Three years ago we reported Yellowstone had 900 earthquakes in two weeks.

***Source: Science Alert

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