WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A West Valley woman helped take care of a cat that was severely abused by a person.

Adrienne Fugett, with the help of some neighbors, takes care of a feral colony of cats in West Valley City including Charles Liberace. According to Fugett, Liberace has lived as a feral cat for about eight years.

Fugett said in April they found out that Liberace had been ‘severely injured’ by a human. Liberace has a large wound to his right rear flank that required internal and external stitches. He also suffered a large laceration to his right inner thigh and completely lost one of his claws.

“His personality has not quite recovered. [He] was a super happy kitty initially, he was a friendly feral,” Fugett said. “[But] now he’s quite afraid.” Liberace has also reportedly been newly skittish around males.

Charles Liberace. Courtesy of Adrienne Fugett

Fugett said they’ve had to visit the E.R. several times because he was not taking enough water or food on his own. However, after several visits, Liberace is reportedly starting to do better now, but hasn’t fully recovered.

Fugett has set up a Go Fund Me for Liberace to help pay for the medical costs and said she is so thankful to the many people who pitched in to help.

The South Salt Lake Animal Shelter is reportedly still investigating what happened to Liberace.