WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Andrew Larsen liked to visit the west desert.
Wednesday police said he made his final journey to the area before taking his own life.

Larsen was on the run after he was suspected of killing 36-year old Jill Lloyd.   Police found her inside a vehicle on the side of the road near 2700 West and 7800 South in West Jordan.
The shooting which happened shortly before 9 a.m. got everyone’s attention

“All of a sudden I heard three gunshots, bang, bang bang,” said Juan Lopez who was making a stop at the corner convenience store.

Lopez went outside and ran into a landscaper who had been working on the grass that surrounds the convenience store.   Lopez said the landscaper was nearly hit by a vehicle believed to be Lloyd’s.

“(He said) someone got out of the vehicle and I’m not sure what kind of vehicle it was,” said Lopez. “He got out of the car and went to the victim’s side of the door and then shot the person.”

West Jordan police said Larsen took off and the hunt was on.
But police developed leads and soon learned Larsen was talking with family members.

“He was on his phone, he was interacting on the phone with several people and this was an area he frequented before,” said Lt. Travis Reese

Police learned that Larsen was south of the Dugway Proving Grounds in Tooele County.  A swat team was dispatched to the area to confront Larsen.

Good4Utah watched from a distance as the armored vehicle moved its way up a hill where Larsen’s vehicle was parked.  Police said they didn’t know if he was there or whether he was dead or alive.

The armored vehicle could be seen coming to a stop and several swat team members filed out of the vehicle with weapons pointed at the vehicle.  But as they inched there way towards Larsen’s vehicle, they soon learned the danger was over.

“We came out here and located the vehicle and we found the suspect dead,” said Lt Reese. “Right now it appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound.”

West Jordan police are continuing their investigation for a possible motive.

Larsen’s mother did talk off camera with Good4Utah and said her son had become frustrated over the lack of visitation rights with his son.  She said he had been shut off from his son’s life and did not think it was fair.  She said in Utah, the courts disregard a father’s visitation rights.

Later, a spokesman for Lloyd’s family said Jill was a victim of physical abuse and was trying to get out of their relationship.  The spokesperson said Lloyd was a “good mother and had been clean and sober” for the past five years.  Good4Utah is continuing to gather more information about  both Larsen and Lloyd.