Man puts blame on keto diet for failing his breathalyzer test


The Vitamin Shoppe, which wants to sell you a ton of keto-based products, has named the first Sunday of this new decade “National Keto Day.” The keto diet calls for banning carbs to make your body burn fat for fuel.

HONOLULU (KHON2) — A former flight attendant is fighting to get his job back after failing a breathalyzer test. But he says it wasn’t alcohol that made him fail.

Andre Riley believes his diet could be to blame. At the time, Riley was on the keto diet. The high fat, low carb diet is a popular one for people looking to lose weight. But doctors say it can also cause your body to secrete a type of alcohol.

Riley believes this is why the breathalyzer went off.

“I wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t doing anything just cause I changed my diet.”

“Policies need to be revisited, as things like the keto diet come out which may lead to people having false positive,” said Adkins.

Riley has hired an attorney to help him get his job at American Airlines back. So far, the airline itself hasn’t commented.

He started a Go Fund Me for those interested in supporting him.

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