Inside-out jeans may be the weirdest fashion trend yet


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – And you thought double jeans and extreme cut-out jeans were bad…

Check out the newest, weirdest fashion trend making the rounds — inside-out jeans. 

It’s the product of experimental, Parisian streetwear brand Ben Taverniti Unravel Project. 

Originally sold for $1,100, the jeans truly live up to the name, resembling pretty much what your jeans look like once you’ve stripped them off after a hot day. 

The version pictured shows a special version of the jeans that comes with lengths of black silk attached to the waistband. 

They resemble stockings, perhaps? 

Even more great news for those of you daring enough to take on this fashion trend — the jeans are now on sale, down to only $551 from its original price tag of $1,100. 

Who’s headed to the store to get their hands on a pair of these? 

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