HIKO, Nev. (KLAS) — Earthling visitors are now swarming the state of Nevada to celebrate and hopefully encounter some of our galactic neighbors. Events associated with “Storm Area 51” are underway.

“Storm Area 51 Basecamp” is a commercial venture but one with an artistic soul and a dab of social conscience.

By Thursday afternoon, traffic to Lincoln County was already thicker than normal including a caravan of vehicles from the Clark County Fire Department, a large contingent of Metro officers. Some of who got into the spirit of things shopping for alien merchandise after their shift ended.

The owner of the Alien Research Center, George Harris, says he expects upwards of 6,000 people to arrive for the first day. Business is already brisk and security is tight but not oppressive.

Rows of porta potty rentals are lined up sentinels anticipating a lot of action. Crews worked through the day to finalize preparations dealing with strong winds and desert dust. As the sun faded Thursday night technicians were still fine-tuning a high-tech stage that will be the focal point of the Basecamp program. It will feature UFO films, speakers and musicians including famed DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Among the artistic contributions to the overall vibe, there is a cool use of old tires.

“I’m out here working on this sculpture which is called extra-tire-estrial,”

The “Storm Area 51” movement may have started as a joke but struck a nerve with the public that is increasingly interested in UFO secrecy and government transparency.

“There’s several, well actually nine flying saucers, flying disks,” said Bob Lazar in a 1989 interview with reporter George Knapp.

The seed was planted 30 years ago by Lazar, a former government scientist who told his story on KLAS-TV. Lazar is expected to make a statement or appearance at the basecamp event.

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