WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Police have arrested a woman for allegedly breaking into a home she previously owned while wearing the victim’s clothing and threatening to harm children.

Police documents have identified the suspect as Danielle Davis, 39, from Roy. Officers say Davis was the previous owner of the victim’s home back in 2021.

Authorities first responded to reports from the victim that someone had broken into their home on Monday.

Surveillance camera footage shows Davis walking out of the victim’s home at one point, then later returning again to pick up the mail.

When the homeowner arrived, she told police she noticed the garage door had been opened. When police entered the home, they discovered a firearm, marijuana and a case containing ammunition and handgun magazines inside the primary bedroom.

During this time, Davis was seen pulling up to the home in her car and authorities were able to detain her for questioning.

Officers found Davis wearing the victim’s clothing and jewelry while holding the victim’s passport inside her purse. Davis was also carrying a firearm inside the purse. The victim told police at one point Davis asked, “Whose kids are going to die today?”

During questioning, Davis told officers that she owned the home and she was currently living there which police say is untrue. She also told officers the victim was her wife, which was also untrue.

The victim told officers she had never seen or spoken to Davis before the incident. Authorities say Davis told authorities her boyfriend had died inside the home last year while she was still living there.

Upon investigating, authorities discovered Davis had broken into the home through an unlocked basement window.

Davis has been arrested on charges of burglary of a dwelling, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of a controlled substance, theft and threat of violence.