(ABC4) – Louisiana U.S. Senate candidate, Gary Chambers, made a big statement when he took a long drag of marijuana in his first-ever campaign ad. 

Although Americans may have mixed feelings on Chambers’ choice to light up on camera, the 36-year-old activist was well-intended. 

In the ad, Chambers speaks on marijuana regulation and laws in the U.S. His video highlights the extravagant number of marijuana-related arrests in America, as well as the billions of dollars the government uses towards enforcing marijuana laws annually. 

Though rebellious but progressive, Chambers swayed skeptics with his winning line, “Most of the people police are arresting aren’t dealers, but rather people with a small amount of pot, just like me.” 

Just like him – through his video Chambers is relating directly to the millions of pot-smoking American’s, while relaying the message that indulging in marijuana does not turn someone into a criminal or a bum. 

Chambers is going about creating a change that many in the past attempted but were not brave enough to publicly promote. 

Check out the full campaign ad here