WATCH: Verizon lineman suspended for rescuing cat from top of pole

Maurice German_1553710212267.JPG.jpg

Verizon is catching some backlash from cat lovers everywhere after the company suspended a worker without pay for rescuing a cat stuck on top of a telephone pole in Philadelphia.

According to CBS News, the company’s decision came because the employee, Maurice German, violated safety rules by using a Verizon truck’s hydraulic bucket lift to rescue the cat.

The cat’s owner called the fire department, animal rescue and the telephone company before German, who was working nearby, came over to help out.

According to CBS Philadelphia, the cat — called Princess Momma — had been stuck atop the pole for 12 hours.

German was suspended for three weeks without pay for his act of good will.

Verizon said it made a donation to a local animal rescue organization to show its support for animal groups.

Two GoFundMe pages were set up by colleages of German’s, and have raised more than $10,000 for the suspended worker.

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