ZION, Utah (ABC4) – A man is now safe after falling victim to a climbing accident in Zion.

Crews with Utah’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) Aero Bureau responded to a report of a climber who fell in Kolob canyon and sustained multiple injuries.

The man fell nearly 30 feet but caught himself on a ledge.

The man went down a different way than the way up and slipped around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

DPS rescued the man around 7 a.m., 12 hours after the 35-year-old man landed on the six-inch-wide crevice on the cliff.

According to the DPS Aero Bureau’s Instagram post, the photo below shows the man-centered on the cliff face, where he spent the night cold, injured, and unprepared.

Courtesy of Utah’s DPS Aero Bureau

Officials say if the man had missed the cliff he would’ve fallen another 100 feet.

The hiker was only wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. He did not have a flashlight, food, or water and was stuck in 50-degree weather overnight.

Following this incident, Utah’s DPS Aero Bureau is reminding Utahns to plan ahead before they venture out.