TOOELE, UTAH (ABC4) — New video shows several angles of the massive, fiery crash last week in Tooele, where a runaway semi smashed through dozens of cars and an auto dealership, leaving 11 injured.

ABC4 obtained multiple dashcam, bodycam and security videos of the crash via a public records request from Tooele police. The footage shows multiple angles of the truck’s path of destruction along Main Street and into Tooele Motor Company.

One of the videos, taken from the dashcam of a semi truck along 1000 North, shows the careening semi slam into on-coming traffic with such force that it nearly flips an SUV into the air.

Another video from an officer’s bodycam shows the plume of black smoke rising from Tooele Motor Company, which the truck smashed into, starting a fire. The footage shows the officer run toward the flames and begin searching for the truck’s driver as explosions ring out.

The crash left 11 people injured, including one person who was airlifted to a hospital with critical injuries. The truck driver was unharmed.

More than 30 vehicles were damaged in the crash, including 27 vehicles in the car dealership, which were either hit by the truck or burned by the resulting fire.

While the crash remains under investigation, police initially said it appeared as though there was a mechanical failure involving the truck’s brakes.

Cpl. Colbey Bentley, of Tooele police, said it’s incredible no one was killed in the mayhem.

“We do have some significant injuries, but we zero fatalities,” he said. “It’s remarkable.”