MIDWAY, Utah (ABC4) – Members of the Heckel family out of Midway, Utah are known as quite the pranksters.

The family is compiled of parent-duo Darin and Nancee and their six children ages 21 to 31-years-old.

Recently, Darin and Nancee escaped to St. George for four days. In classic Heckel fashion, the kids took their parent’s absence as an excuse to plan an epic prank.

As seen in the video above, the kids thought up a plan to aluminize their parent’s entire home. The kids live in the area, but two made the hike from Provo to get in on the scheme.

All-in-all, the Heckels say tin-foiling the home took 11,000 square feet of tin foil and about two days time.

Darin and Nancee said they noticed the kids were coming and going through their surveillance system, but they did not know why. The Heckel kids were able to hide their horseplay from their parents up until the moment Darin and Nancee walked through the front door to their silver home.

As seen in the video, the kids really payed attention to the details of this prank, covering everything in foil from the refrigerator to dirty dishes.