WATCH: Dolphin crashes into stand-up paddle boarder

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GRACETOWN, Australia (WFLA) — A man in Australia picked the wrong place to paddle board and wound up getting knocked over by a jumping dolphin.

An amazing video that’s gone viral shows the exact moment the dolphin hit the paddle boarder.

A pod of about 20 dolphins was swimming near Gracetown in Western Australia.

You can see about eight of the dolphins in a wave and then seconds later one of the dolphins jumps out of the water and crashes into the stand-up paddle boarder.

“Eight or nine of them decided to catch that wave and surf straight at me, which has happened lots of times in the past to me and generally they just take off to one side left or right,” Andrew Hill told the West Australian. “Hats off to him, he collected me really well,” he added.

The impact knocked Hill off his paddle board. He said his unexpected collision with the dolphin left him winded.

Hill said he thought the dolphins were herding fish.

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