UTAH (ABC4) – Nine-year-old Paxton, a Utah native, walked out of the hospital on his own Sept. 1 after having been in extremely critical condition following a serious drowning incident.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) responded to reports of a vehicle that had become submerged in Smith and Morehouse Reservoir with three children inside on the evening of Aug. 22.

Police shared that one nine-year-old boy and one two-year-old girl were safely rescued, while the other nine-year-old boy, later identified as Paxton, was trapped underwater for more than ten minutes, leaving him in extremely critical condition.

Three days after the incident, Paxton was reportedly taking strides in his recovery, nodding his head, holding hands, and mouthing small words all while on life support.

On Thursday, just ten days after the accident, Paxton’s family shared that he walked out of the hospital, calling it “a miracle.”