Washington County School District investigating incident, not considering it as ‘bullying’ yet


WASHINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – A video of a violent attack that happened at Crimson Cliffs High School circulated on social media earlier this month, and now a group of teens are being investigated by the Washington County School District and local police.

“Through our investigations we found that one juvenile was the assailant and through the process of dealing with juveniles, we issued a referral to the juvenile probation office and the court system,” says Lt. Kory Klotz of Washington City PD.

According to police, the victim in that attack fled to California and was located a couple days later with two other juveniles.

“We haven’t found the nexus yet as to find out what’s going on, what caused them to run away,” says Klotz.

Washington City Police say they didn’t issue a citation to the teen who reportedly started the attack and Washington County School District leaders say they aren’t considering this attack as ‘bullying’ either.

“To be considered bullying, it has to meet three criteria, one an imbalance of power, consistent and repetitive and harmful actions, obviously we have harmful actions, we don’t know if there’s an imbalance of power, we don’t know if this is a consistent thing or a one-time thing,” says Steven Dunham, the Director of Communications for Washington County School District.

Washington County School District officials say multiple different teens from several different schools within the district were involved.

“I think we’re seeing more and more cases where social media is used to intimidate and sometimes to bully students and so it can be a thing that’s bad, and it can be a thing that can carry into our schools,” says Dunham.

Washington County School District officials say school resources officers are working to see if there are any charges that need to be filed.

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