WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — After weeks of delays and stonewalling by the Trump Administration, President-elect Joe Biden’s team said the transition process is now moving full speed ahead.

“We’ve been very encouraged by the progress we’ve made over the past few days,” said Kate Bedingfield with the Biden team. “The career civil servants have been incredibly forthcoming.”

At the same time, the Trump campaign continues it’s fight to overturn the election results. President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried again Wednesday at a meeting hosted by Pennsylvania state Republicans.

“It’s the state legislature that controls this process,” Giuliani said. “It’s your power.”

Biden said he would meet with Trump if Trump asked. But the Biden transition team said a meeting isn’t necessary.

In the coming weeks Biden will announce more Cabinet selections, including Secretary of Defense, CIA director and Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“Given how important the health team will be, moving forward, but certainly as we work to get the pandemic under control,” said Jen Psaki with the Biden transition.

Democratic Congressman Lou Correa of California addressed speculation that Biden could appoint a Republican to his cabinet.

“If President-elect Biden finds a Republican whose expertise was needed in his cabinet, then by all means, he should move forward,” Correa said.

A Republican nominee could help build goodwill in the US Senate, where Biden’s nominees could face tough confirmation hearings if the GOP retains their majority.