WASHINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – The average price of gas in Washington County is $3.77 according to AAA. That’s among the highest in the state. For diesel, it’s just over $4.

“You have to use fuel, gas, to get where you’re going, to work, to get groceries, do those things and it just makes it harder to pay bills, and do other things especially when the dollars not going up,” says James Cannon of Washington.

Cannon says he’s fortunate enough to work near his home and only has to fill his tank once or twice a week, but it still comes with a hefty price being a diesel truck driver.

“I usually don’t like to fill it all the way, but it’s probably about $120. Going on trips makes it harder, makes it more expensive, you have to determine which vehicle you want to take, it just makes it harder to do every day things,” he says.

Tav Andrus is the manager at Dixie Diesel in Washington.

“Once you see fuel prices go up, everything in your store, your daily use stuff all goes up,” says Andrus.

He says inflation is taking a toll on their business.

“With inflation, the way it goes is then obviously all your costs go up, and as sad as it is, a lot of it gets passed onto the consumer,” he says.

Andrus says prices for parts keep rising, and for a gallon of oil, that’s nearly doubled. He also drives a diesel truck, saying it costs around $150 for a fill.

“You’re only averaging about 500 miles for that tank of fuel so, whereas a year ago, you could be at less than 50 bucks to fill it up,” he says.

These locals say high prices are concerning and they worry costs will only continue rising.