IVINS, Utah (ABC4) – Cities in Washington County are working to decrease water usage by implementing new ordinances as Utah continues to see record drought conditions.

Washington City has several lots filled with grass, but officials say they’re working to change that. A new ordinance was just passed last night.

“It limits the amount of grass that someone can plant on their got going forward, it caps it at about 8% of your lot can now be irrigated grass,” says Jordan Hess, the Public Affairs Officer for Washington City.

Hess says that’s only for building moving forward and plots like their city hall location won’t see changes for now.

“We didn’t outright ban carwashes, but we want car washes to operate at 20 gallons of water per car, so that was implemented into our ordinance as well,” Hess.

“Ivins has long been a leader in water conservation actually, we use per capita, the least amount of water in the county at present,” says Ivins City Mayor, Chris Hart.

Hart says the city is looking at passing an ordinance to limit water usage for new construction.

“Our landscape ordinance is going to restrict the amount of grass, there are restrictions on the type of appliances, plumbing fixtures and so forth that can be used in new construction,” says Hart.

Hart says the council is also planning to ban carwashes and future golf courses at their next meeting.

“But that doesn’t mean that a developer couldn’t come with a proposal to do one, have their own water resources and demonstrate responsibility in the efficient use of water and so forth,” says Hart.

Washington County officials say it’s likely more ordinances take place if the governor plans to pass more aggressive conservation efforts as the drought continues and Southern Utah’s water supply dwindles.