HARRISVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A worker was seriously hurt at the Harrisville Walmart gas station Thursday after a driver ran her over as she was cleaning an area near the pumps.

The Harrisville Police Department said the incident happened around 11:45 a.m. at the Walmart parking lot fuel station along North 325 East.

The driver, identified only as a woman, made a sharp right turn from one of the pumps and rolled over the worker, pinning the worker underneath the vehicle.

Emergency crews freed the worker from under the car, and an ambulance brought her to a nearby emergency room, where she was listed in stable condition.

The worker was wearing a yellow safety vest while cleaning fuel tank hatches on the ground near the fuel pumps. She had set up traffic cones around the area.

Still, the driver “may not have been able to see the worker” as she pulled away from the pump, police said.

While the incident is under investigation, police noted that they do not believe the driver was impaired.

As this incident comes following multiple pedestrian-involved crashes on Utah roads this month, the local police department urged drivers to “take a little extra time to ensure that it is safe when they make turns, leave driveways and parking stalls or in this case, a gas pump.”