SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – A woman has been arrested in connection to the fire that broke out at an apartment complex in Sandy on Sunday morning.

Crystal Nicole Moss, 37, reportedly turned herself in on Sunday morning, telling Sandy officers she was responsible for starting the fire. According to the probable cause statement, Moss said the fire started when she ignited a “tree of life” in a cauldron near her bedroom closet with a BIC lighter.

Moss allegedly poured a bottle of alcohol onto the tree to speed up the process as it was “difficult to ignite the tree of life.”

Moss told police she was trying to burn away the negative energy, sadness and pain her in life. Her intent was to allegedly burn the universe and was not trying to hurt anyone. Moss allegedly went outside with her dog when it became difficult to breathe in her apartment.

Police say she admitted to not warning any neighbors, but she did attempt to bang on the garage door of a nearby fire department but got no reply.

Moss faces one second-degree felony charge of arson.

The fire lasted about 45 minutes and caused approximately $750,000 in damages to eight of the 12 apartments.

There were no deaths or severe injuries as a result of the fire. One resident and two Sandy police officers were treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter reportedly received minor injuries.

Red Cross reportedly responded to assist displaced residents and to help provide “emotional support, access to financial assistance, and valuable information to help the families.”