SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4) — Two victims were taken to the hospital after a stranger assaulted them, claiming they were “witches” who had “put a spell on her,” last Thursday.

Saratoga Police arrested Katelyn Oxendine, 24, on Aug. 31 and booked her through the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. She faces a third-degree felony charge of burglary, a Class B misdemeanor charge of assault and two Class A misdemeanor charges of assault with substantial bodily injury.

Oxendine began pounding on the front door of the victim’s home around 5 p.m. on Thursday, according to a probable cause statement. As the homeowner, who police describe as “elderly,” answered the door, Oxendine allegedly forced her way into the home and began screaming and pushing the homeowner.

“When the homeowner informed [Oxendine] that she was going to call the police, [Oxendine] lunged at [a] second elderly victim and punched the secondary in the face,” states the probable cause document.

A third victim in the home reportedly intervened and tried to pull Oxendine away from the second victim but was “punched and slapped” multiple times in the face. Oxendine then allegedly bit the third victim on her right arm, and would not let go until the victim fought back.

Police say another homeowner was able to separate Oxendine from the third victim and forced her out of the home. Two of the victims in the home were taken to American Fork Hospital to be treated for “substantial injuries.” Police say the victims suffered bite marks, bruising, a blood nose, burst blood vessels in the eyes and swollen lips which required medical attention.

The victims reportedly told police they did not know Oxendine and had “no relation or acquaintance” with her.

Oxendine was later approached by police as she was walking away from the home. Saratoga Springs Police detained Oxendine who allegedly admitted to hurting the victims because “they were witches that put a spell on her.”

Court documents show Oxendine has previously been convicted of misdemeanor charges including assault, criminal trespass, and burglary in recent years.