PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — A passerby saved the life of a high school student in Provo earlier this month after noticing him passed out in his vehicle, according to Provo Police.

Police said that on Nov. 1, a woman by the name of Yaritza Colon was visiting Timpview High School when she noticed a student who “appeared to be sleeping” in his vehicle, a release states.

Colon thought that the student’s sleeping position did not seem right, and went back to the school to notify staff.

Courtesy of Provo Police

When police and staff found the student, they discovered he was unresponsive, but a pulse was present. After he was taken to the hospital, medical personnel discovered he had experienced carbon monoxide poisoning.

Provo Fire crews later found that the carbon monoxide levels in the student’s vehicle had risen to a potentially lethal amount within a short amount of time, and the vehicle was declared inoperable.

“Sometimes, saving a life happens unexpectedly!” Provo Police said. “It is reasonable to conclude that without Yaritza’s attention and follow-through in reporting, this student would not have survived. For this, Chief Beebe was proud to meet with Yaritza in person, and offer our sincere appreciation for her part in saving this student’s life. We have a great community here in Provo.”

No further information is available at this time.