HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) — On Thursday morning, Feb. 2, Lisa Lyn Bangerter, 59, was arrested and faces charges of operating an alleged crack house in Holladay after she was served a search warrant.

The Unified Police Department Officers searched the home, allegedly finding laboratory equipment in the basement, including a red microwave that had residue on it; this residue was “field tested” and tested positive for cocaine, according to the police report.

Bangerter later admitted to producing crack cocaine, the report states.

“[Bangerter] admitted to using the microwaves and various ingredients to manufacture and produce crack cocaine,” the report stated,”[She] also admitted […] she distributes crack cocaine.”

Police said both powder cocaine and crack “base” cocaine were located in Bangerter’s room. Bangerter also admitted to police that she purchased 10 grams of powder cocaine that morning for $600.

The arresting officer stated in his report that he believes Bangerter should not be released on bail, as it would constitute a substantial danger to individuals or to the community.

“The residence [Bangerter] stays in is near a recreation center, public park, and charter school. The neighborhood is small and private and I am aware of many young children who live nearby,” the report stated. “I am concerned for the safety of all in the immediate community surrounding [Bangerter] should she be able to return home and continue her drug distribution and use.”

Bangerter faces charges of operation of a clandestine laboratory, clandestine laboratory precursors and equipment, engaging in continued criminal enterprise, possession or use of a controlled substance, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.