DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) — A Draper woman was hospitalized and arrested after ingesting methamphetamine and walking in the snow nude with her daughter following behind in Draper on Friday, according to Draper Police.

The 57-year-old woman, of Orem, was arrested for endangerment of a child/vulnerable adult resulting in bodily injury (second-degree felony), two counts of child abandonment (third-degree felony), abuse or neglect of a child with a disability (third-degree felony), lewdness (class B misdemeanor), and intoxication (class C misdemeanor).

On March 24, a Draper Police officer responded to Lone Peak Hospital and spoke with the suspect. She reportedly told police that she had been staying with her two children at a hotel because her house was being remodeled.

The woman told police that while staying at the hotel, she had met a man who worked at the front desk and smoked methamphetamine with him. After doing so, she allegedly took her kids to In-N-Out Burger to get some food, but began to “not feel well” while she was driving, the affidavit states.

Upon being asked what she meant, she told police that lights were “strange to look at” and that it was hard to read her phone, as well as hard to focus.

She told police that she had decided to continue driving around in hopes of feeling better, and that she eventually pulled into the Draper Police Dept. parking lot and parked her truck. She allegedly walked up to the doors of the building but they were locked and the lights were off. She told police that she wanted to get in so she could report that she may have been drugged.

The woman allegedly stated that while outside, she heard a female voice say “Get as far away from the truck as you can!” She told police she believed the voice was someone real and that it was not a hallucination.

Shortly after, she reportedly began walking southbound in the snow. She allegedly removed all of her clothes while her daughter followed her, but had “no recollection of when she took off all of her clothes and at no point was [she] aware that her daughter was following her through the snow,” the affidavit states.

Police say she did have memory of ringing the doorbell of a Draper residence, at which point the owner contacted the authorities. The woman reportedly had multiple bruises on her body, and told police that she had gotten the injuries by falling on some rocks while walking in the snow.

The affidavit states that her daughter was taken to the Primary Children’s Hospital by ambulance and had injuries to her feet.

The suspect was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on the charges previously stated.

No further information is available at this time.