SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The woman who allegedly shot and killed professional bull rider Demetrius Allen after a visit to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City last September was acting in self-defense, according to defense attorneys.

LaShawn Denise Bagley, 22, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 24 where three witnesses, including a detective with the Salt Lake City Police Department, provided testimony. During the hearing, Judge Mark Kouris ruled to remove the domestic violence amendment to Bagley’s first-degree felony murder charge, and testimony laid the foundation for a self-defense claim.

Testimony from the Lyft driver who provided a ride for Allen, who went by the stage name Ouncie Mitchell, and Bagley’s friend to Bagley’s apartment said Allen claimed he was “from Houston and could get into any house.” Detective Nathan Wiley said their investigation led them to believe Allen may have been attempting to break into Bagley’s apartment in order to collect his rodeo equipment, estimated to cost $10,000.

Allen had allegedly left his equipment in Bagley’s Salt Lake apartment after their time at the Utah State Fair. According to court documents, Allen, Bagley, and Bagley’s friend returned to her apartment before going to a bar later that night.

While at the bar, Bagley allegedly became upset with Allen and drove away, leaving him and her friend at the bar. The two reportedly ordered a ride share in order to get back to Bagley’s apartment and retrieve their things. Court documents say the lights in Bagley’s apartment were off and her car was not in its usual place when they arrived.

Wiley said there was video footage of Allen and Bagley’s friend kicking at Bagley’s door attempting to open it. The footage also allegedly showed Allen with “an object” in his hand, which he said was consistent with a rock found at the crime scene near a broken window pane. The rock reportedly did not make it through the interior window, however, Wiley said the rock is believed to be used to break an exterior window pane.

Court documents say Bagley had called 911 during this time and told the operator, “They’re beating on my window.” Shortly after, shots were fired from inside the apartment and Allen was struck multiple times. Allen was taken to the hospital where he ultimately died due to his wounds.

In a second 911 call, Bagley reportedly told an operator police needed to hurry to her apartment because “somebody came into [her] house and [she] shot them.” There was reportedly no indication the door had opened nor Allen and Bagley’s friend had entered the apartment.

Kouris did agree with defense attorneys that the State had failed to meet a burden of proof that Bagley and Allen were ever in a relationship or living together.

Testimony from Bagley’s friend and Detective Wiley indicated Allen and Bagley had been friends in Houston before she moved to Utah. Bagley was reportedly in a relationship at the time of the shooting and was not involved with Allen, who was visiting from Texas to compete in the Utah State Fair rodeo.

Bagley will next be in court at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023, for a justification hearing.