SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Bullfrogs might not be the first thing that hops to mind when considering dinner options, but the Utah Department of Natural Resources suggests catching – and eating – as many as you’d like.

For National Invasive Species Awareness Week, Utah wildlife officials tweeted a reminder that bullfrogs are an invasive species in Utah, along with the added bonus that they are tasty.

According to a 2019 blog post written by Lee Kay Public Shooting Range Facilities and Grounds Supervisor Ja Eggett, bullfrogs have had breeding populations in Utah since the early 1970s. Native to the eastern U.S., bullfrogs now have homes along the Wasatch Front and the Great Salt Lake marshes.

“There is no limit and no season on bullfrogs in Utah,” wrote Eggett. “A license is not required to catch them, but because you will likely be using fishing gear – and might catch fish in the process of trying to catch frogs – you should have a fishing license while pursuing frogs.”

Bullfrogs, which reportedly can grow as large as eight inches and weigh up to 1.5 pounds, are typically found in most ponds and marshes along the Wasatch Front. The bigger they are, the more meat they will have to eat, which according to Eggett, tastes just like chicken, but a little chewier.

“Others think they taste like fish,” said Eggett. “So if you like chicken and fish like I do, you’ll love the taste of frog legs.”

DWR even has a recipe for Breaded Bullfrog Legs with step-by-step instructions on how to make them. (PRO TIP: The marinade is everything.)

How do you catch a bullfrog? Eggett has tried marshmallows and a fishing pole with a bobber/hook combo. Grasshoppers are also excellent bait. If you want an extra challenge, Eggett said some have even used archery gear.

Field & Stream also has six expert tips for catching bullfrogs.