WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A 47-year-old man was arrested this week in West Valley City for making terrorist threats.

Shayne Keith Steele, 47, was arrested on Thursday for a threat of terrorism for allegedly telling officers he was going to blow them, and others, up.

According to the charging documents, in the latest incident, Steele called the West Valley Police Department to question why he was labeled as a domestic terrorist. While discussing the issue, Steele stated, “I have a suicide vest,” which he reportedly said was made from TNT. Steele then allegedly said he would detonate the explosive vest the next time he sees the officer, and that he would take out the “officer and his buddy.”

After Steele was taken into custody, he said he didn’t have a bomb, but that when he gets out he will make a bomb vest. According to charging documents, Steele threatened to kill an officer the next time one comes to see him and also allegedly threatened to kill everyone in West Valley City.

During a previous case, The Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol-18 was used. This method is used by authorities to check for concerning behaviors in individuals, which could turn to violence. The results are used to plan for the person’s risk management to reduce the threat of target violence.

Steele scored high on all warning behaviors, and his probability of attempting target violence is increasing dramatically, the charging records state. He also has access to weapons and has been charged for using them in the past.

He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Thursday and, according to charging documents, officials believe he should be held without bail due to these concerns.