WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4) — West Valley Police has announced that its retired K9, named “Q,” passed away early Monday morning, April 17.

14-year-old Q lived a life of excitement as a drug-sniffing dog. West Valley Police say Q began his decorated K9 career at San Ysidro Port of Entry, the fourth busiest land border crossing in the world, situated between San Diego and Tijuana.

“Q was a talented police dog with a special knack for sniffing out drugs,” officials said.

During his time at San Ysidro Port, Q excelled at his job by simply following his nose. One time, Q reportedly managed to detect the presence of narcotics all the way down at lane eight when he was working in lane one.

He also helped with drug busts along Interstate 80, West Valley Police said. Every time he assisted in bringing bad guys to justice, he would be paid out with two things: a tennis ball and a cheeseburger from Mcdonald’s.

“We hope that heaven is filled with cheeseburgers and tennis balls,” the statement from West Valley Police read.

Evidently, Q’s love for tennis balls was unparalleled, except in cases when cheeseburgers are involved.

“Cheeseburgers may be the only thing Q valued more than a ball,” the statement read. “Anyone strolling the neighborhood with Wilson 1 tennis balls on the bottom of their walker feared Q.”

West Valley Police say Q was well-loved and will definitely be missed.

In honor of this good boy of theirs, the police department is asking all pet owners to give their dogs a nice scratch behind their ears.