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WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) — A West Jordan man has been charged after allegedly using a tracking app to follow his wife, then assaulting and shooting her, according to the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

On Thursday, Aug. 24, Charles James Coprich, 58, of West Jordan, was charged in the Third District Court with stalking with a weapon (second-degree felony), two counts of felony discharge of a firearm with injury (second-degree felony), two counts of felony discharge of a firearm (third-degree felony), and assault (class B misdemeanor).

On Friday, Aug. 18, Salt Lake City Police officers arrested Coprich while his wife was in the back seat of his car with two gunshot wounds in her back. Coprich told police that leading up to the incident, he had gone to bed and when he woke up, his wife wasn’t home.

According to court documents, Coprich was allegedly able to track his wife using an app on his phone, then got in his truck, and drove to her location. Coprich allegedly told police that his wife didn’t know he had the ability to track her.

Coprich allegedly parked the truck, got out, and followed the GPS to find her. His wife had reportedly driven a different car to the location, and once Coprich found it, he claimed he saw a man get out of the car.

At this point, court documents state that Coprich opened fire, shooting his gun in the direction of the man twice. The man allegedly ran, and Coprich approached the car.

According to an interview with Coprich’s wife, Coprich approached her while she was in the car, began hitting her in the head with his fist, then grabbed her by the feet and dragged her out of the car. Coprich then shot her twice, court documents state.

After Coprich allegedly shot her, witnesses said Coprich put her back in the car and drove off. Officers responding to the shooting were able to find Coprich in the vehicle, “driving erratically at a high rate of speed,” court documents state.

Police then stopped the car and found Coprich’s wife in the back seat with gunshot wounds. She identified the driver of the car as her husband. Police also found a silver 9mm handgun in plain view on the front passenger seat.

Coprich’s wife told police that Coprich has “anger issues,” and that he has made her take pictures of where she was to send to him in the past. She allegedly told police that it was “too much” and that she “can’t be followed like that.”

The victim was taken to the hospital with two gunshot wounds to her right and left upper back, hemothorax in her left lung, a fracture of the left rib, and a moderate left lung contusion, according to court documents.

Coprich is being held at the Salt Lake County Jail on the charges previously stated.