WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – A 22-year-old father from West Jordan has been charged after he allegedly abused his 2-month-old daughter in March of 2022.

Daeaz Jacoby Baine, 22, faces four counts of aggravated child abuse intentionally or knowingly, a second-degree felony.

According to charging documents, Baine and his wife took their 2-month-old daughter to Primary Children’s Hospital with “extensive trauma.” Doctors described injuries to police including multiple bruises, broken ribs, a liver laceration, and brain bleeding. Doctors also told police Blaine had been seen “being aggressive” with his daughter.

During an interview with police, Baine allegedly reported his daughter had been born healthy and that she was always in the care of either him or his wife. Baine said the two would take shifts watching over her, taking turns sleeping, according to charging documents.

The court documents say Baine acknowledged that his daughter’s injuries were severe but he reported not knowing how or why she would have been injured.

“After going through several possible scenarios with Baine on how [his daughter] could have been injured, he stated he may have accidentally dropped [her],” court documents say. “Baine then said he didn’t drop [his daughter], but rather just wanted the case to be over with.”