SNOWBIRD, Utah (ABC4) — A raven and a squirrel got into an altercation last week, spending several minutes fighting each other near Snowbird ski resort.

On March 14, the raven and the squirrel were on a road near a snow bank when the raven got into what appears to be a quarrel with a squirrel.

As shown in the video, they spend almost two minutes going back and forth, showing off their impressive moves.

You see the raven jump up and put its wings out to intimidate the squirrel. The squirrel then stands on its hind legs with its arms out wide and approaches the raven, before lunging toward it.

In the video, you can then see the raven jump back at the squirrel, and the squirrel tucks and rolls to avoid being hit. This back-and-forth display of strength continues for at least two minutes.

You can watch the blow-by-blow in the video above. The incident was captured on phone by onlooker Jessica Breitling.