EDITOR’S NOTE: ABC4 has decided to remove the most graphic portion (at around 2:20) of the footage provided by Farmington Police’s body cams. Sound remains.

FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – Farmington Police released body cam footage involving the shooting death of Chase Allan, 25, killed during a traffic stop on March 1.

Farmington Police highlighted what they say are key moments throughout the interaction, including Allan being non-compliant with police, recording the interaction, and eventually moving his hand near a holster on his hip and where his seatbelt was also fastened.

In the footage, the first officer can be seen pulling over Allen’s blue BMW for having an “illegitimate” license plate featuring a flag and an unknown symbol. During the stop, the first officer informed Allan of the reason for the stop before asking for identification.

Allan can be heard telling the officer that he is not required to provide identification and that he would not be answering any questions from the officer. It’s at this point the officer called for backup.

While awaiting other officers, the first continued to ask for identification though Allan can be heard refusing before citing law codes implying the traffic stop was not allowed from his point of view. The officer then tells Allan he is lawfully required to provide identification.

“You can provide your identification to me and we can have a conversation about the laws you have broken or you can fail to identify to me and we can go that route, too,” the officer told Allan. “I’m perfectly OK with either one you want to go, but the direction this encounter goes is 100 percent in your hands.”

At that time, Allan provided what police say appeared to be a U.S. passport identifying himself. After taking the passport, the officer thanked Allan by name who can be heard saying, “That is not me.” The officer then asked Allan if he had a false passport before asking him to step out of the vehicle.

“No, I’m not required to,” said Allan. “If you try to force me, then we’re going to have issues.”

Allan can be seen clearly moving his phone from his right hand to left his hand as officers open the door of the car. Farmington Police highlighted Allan’s right hand appearing to move near his right hip where his seatbelt was fastened while revealing a holster and a gun.

It’s at this point one officer can be heard shouting “Gun!” multiple times before the five responding officers opened fire, fatally wounding Allan. The gun can later be clearly seen out of its holster on the ground near the driver’s seat.

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnson said all five officers did fire their weapons, though how many shots were fired or if Allan fired his weapon back has not been made public, pending the investigation.

“That escalation of force from verbal to hands-on, in my opinion, was absolutely reasonable and appropriate,” Johnson said, referring to the officers moving to get Allan out of his car.

However, Johnson did not say whether the shooting is justified. He said the investigation will determine that.

Johnson also emphasized that police are trained to respond with deadly force when there is an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death and that he didn’t see officers responding to someone “who just has a gun in a holster.”

“I see them deal with him professionally,” said Johnson. “An even-keeled, cool, calm and collected temperament — and I see things go in a really tragic direction.” Johnson also said he does not believe the responding officers were aware of the family’s history with the police department during the stop.

Chase Allan’s mother, Diane Killian Allan, sued Farmington Police in U.S. District Court last September after being pulled over by police in April 2022 for an expired vehicle registration. Diane Allan, who is representing herself in the ongoing lawsuit, claims she is not under the jurisdiction of Farmington City, Davis County, the State of Utah, or the United States, calling herself a “sovereign citizen.”

While Chase Allan’s statements made in the bodycam video could be construed as him also considering himself a “sovereign citizen,” it is not 100% clear what Chase Allan’s beliefs were. It is currently unknown if any officers involved in Chase Allan’s shooting had any previous involvement with Diane Allan.

The Critical Incident Team is leading an investigation into the traffic stop. Bountiful Police Department reportedly reached out to Allan’s family but Johnson said the last he heard, contact had not been made.