SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Have you had your fill of pumpkin pie today? So did the animals at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Well, sort of.

They got to play, smash and eat pumpkins during the annual Feast with the Beast event.   

Dozens of pumpkins filled the elephants’ enclosures to celebrate Thanksgiving. These giant animals used their large feet to smash the pumpkins open. Then, they used their trunks to sift through the broken pieces and find the perfect one to munch on.  

Community members donate pumpkins to the zoo and the gourds are used as an enrichment activity for a variety of different animal species.   

The public gets to visit the zoo and burn off their big meals as they walk from exhibit to exhibit.

“But at the same time, watch our animals exhibit natural behaviors that have been provided by the enrichment that great people have donated,” said Bob Cisneros, associate director of animal care at the Hogle Zoo.  

Cisneros added that not all the animals end up eating the gourds. However, they all enjoy the famous squash for their own reasons. Whether it be to play with, hide in, or smell, the donated pumpkins provided some much-appreciated entertainment.