SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Salt Lake City Police Officer is accused of driving under the influence and hitting a man. According to court documents Thomas Caygle is facing two charges including aggravated assault. 

ABC4 obtained body cam footage from the incident, which happened around 5 p.m. on December 30th. According to the victim, Caygle rear ended his vehicle causing the two to pull over. The victim said when he went to open his truck, Caygle rear ended him again. He said he was pinned for 35 seconds and his girlfriend had to move their vehicle forward. 

“That guy was just in my opinion playing it off… in my opinion,” said Caygle. 

While the victim said he told his girlfriend to move their vehicle forward, in body cam footage Caygle told police he (Caygle)  told the woman to move the car forward, claiming his truck wasn’t working. 

Caygle also told officers he hurt his rotator cuff in a fight and was prescribed medication, including Xanax. He also said he drank before the incident. 

“It was not that much, because it was just tasters,” said Caygle in the body cam footage. 

When he is interviewed at the police station, he requests officers give him a breathalyzer in addition to a blood test. 

“It’s going to be below .08. Is it .05 now?” Caygle asked the officer. 

Caygle told officers he’s worked in law enforcement for over a decade and said repeatedly he’s going to lose his job over this. 

“I put so much f***ing time and effort into my career and then something stupid like this is more than likely going to f*** me,” said Caygle. 

The victim went to the hospital but did not have any broken bones. Salt Lake City Police said Caygle is currently on administrative leave.