HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4) — About 50 volunteers showed up to help redirect water from a flooded Highland home on Wednesday, March 15.

According to City Administrator Erin Wells, Highland Public Works and Lone Peak Fire District crews were dispatched to help channel the water away from the basement of a one-story home near 12663 Ponce De Leon Drive that had flooded overnight.

“We anticipated flooding, but never anticipated it this early,” Wells said.

City leaders used an alert system to call for volunteers, and about 50 Utahns showed up throughout the day, Wells said. Public Works crews cut new paths for the floodwater to flow into a larger drainage area while volunteers placed sandbags to redirect the water to the new channel.

The homeowners are reportedly working with a cleanup company to pump water out of the basement and see if any repairs need to be done.

“This was an extraordinary event,” Well said.

The abundance of rain, warmer temperatures and higher snow levels brought about serious flood concerns, especially in southern Utah where the National Weather Service has updated the Flood Advisory for the Santa Clara River at St. George to a Flood Warning that will last until Thursday morning.

City officials are now in the works of organizing a sandbag filling station in the area. Follow Highland City’s Facebook page to receive the latest flood conditions.