SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A Utah man’s plea deal was accepted Monday for charges related to allegedly delivering a punch that killed a man.

Pensini signed the plea deal, and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a 2nd-degree felony on Jan 30, and a judge accepted the plea deal on March 13.

On July 13, 2022, Kepueli Penisini, 21, was arrested in connection to the death of a man during a ‘chaotic scene’ in downtown Salt Lake City.

The plea deal includes that Pensini will serve one year in jail starting January 30, and complete 80 community service hours addressing youth as to the perils of violent behavior and the potential consequences. The charge would also be downgraded to a 3rd-degree felony. The plea deal also includes that he may be granted good time, or other early release, by Salt Lake County Adult Detention center.

Police say in an incident on July 10, near 149 West Pierpont Ave., Pensini punched Yusuf Mohammed, 37, and left him for dead. Reportedly, when police first responded to reports of an in-progress assault around 1:51 a.m., they discovered a “chaotic scene with more than 100 people on the streets.”

Police said they saw a large fight and attempted to disperse the crowds. After about ten minutes, police heard gunshots nearby and found the victim, Mohammed, unconscious on the ground with visible face and head trauma.

According to eyewitnesses, Mohammed was standing in a parking lot when a group of men approached him, and Pensini punched him in the face without provocation. Mohammed then reportedly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

After the assault, Penisini allegedly fled the area, but was later identified using surveillance footage and arrested on July 13.

SLCPD said they have met with owners of several entertainment venues in the area to help mitigate and prevent future violence.

“There have been several high-profile incidents occurring at and around the Pierpont entertainment district, but those incidents certainly do not define this important part of our city and its culture,” said SLCPD Chief Mike Brown. “As a police department, we are committed to proactively addressing the concerns along Pierpont Avenue, but it will take more than just extra police officers or security guards, it will require people to stop allowing situations to escalate into potentially dangerous – and now deadly – situations. The best way to keep safe is to avoid the potential for conflicts and to report anything suspicious by calling 911.”

Pensini was sentenced to 364 days in jail, which started January 30, and 80 days of community service in which he addresses youth regarding violence, as was in his plea deal. He was also sentenced to write a letter of apology to the victim’s mother, obtain a GED or high school diploma, and be placed on probation for 60 months.

Pensini will face a restitution hearing on April 10, in which he will be assigned fees to reimburse victims for offense-related costs.