SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) –A Utah man was charged federally for allegedly robbing a bank in Salt Lake City. The amount he reportedly stole was $100 dollars.

Chad Owen Campbell, 31, allegedly robbed the bank in February and is now facing federal charges. Federal charges for bank robbery can be up to 20 years in federal prison, a fine of up to $250,000, or both.

According to charge documents, the alleged robbery events happened as follows.

Around 10 a.m. Feb 8, Campbell walked into the bank and up to an empty teller station. He reportedly took a pamphlet from the counter and wrote on it. Campbell then gave the pamphlet, which said $100 to a teller.

The teller asked if Campbell had identification or a debit card, to which Campbell did not reply. The branch manager reportedly approached the situation and asked the teller if it was a robber; the teller said yes.

Campbell then put his hand inside his hoodie and pointed it at the teller, implying that he had a gun or other weapon. The branch manager asked how he wanted the $100, and the suspect replied, “now.”

The teller then gave Campbell a $100 dollar bill, which he took with him, and then walked out of the bank.

Salt Lake City Police Department officers were able to locate him with obtain an image of Campbell inside the bank, and sent it to officers patrolling the area. At approximately 10:54 a.m., officers located the suspect near a Taco Bell, a Jimmy Johns, and an IHOP.

Campbell reportedly walked between buildings, and they lost sight of him. When they saw him again, he was wearing the same shoes and pants, but was wearing a different shirt.

When officers approached him, Campbell tried to run away, but after a short pursuit officers took him into custody. As the officers were taking him into custody, Campbell allegedly threw a small bag to the side of him which contained $91.04.

Campbell allegedly bought a drink at Taco Bell with some of the stolen money. According to video surveillance, Campbell changed his shirt in the IHOP, and stashed the hoodie under a bench in the entry way of IHOP.