SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — President Joe Biden is making his way to the Beehive State this week and Utahns have mixed feelings about it.

The White House announced last week that the president will be visiting Utah as part of a three-state western tour. This will be his first trip to Utah since becoming president in 2021 and Utahns say it’s about time he see what makes Utah so great, while others may think it’s a little odd.

“I believe Biden is a crook,” said David Else, a Utah resident.

“I think he’s doing the best that he can do,” says Ford Wyatt. He should get in the mountains. Spend some time outside. I think that’s the best thing you could do. Go see the wildflowers. They’re in bloom right now.”

You should probably visit all 50 states for the president,” said resident Chace Phillips. “But coming to Utah, I don’t know when the last time a Democrat ever won the state. So doesn’t seem the smartest.”

President Biden is expected to touch on the Inflation Reduction Act during his visit.

I feel like specifically as somebody who works in climate change, the legislation that was passed with the Inflation Reduction Act was the biggest boost to climate change the country has ever seen,” said Wyatt.

He’s also expected to address climate change, something a few utahns think needs to be discussed.

I mean, we do have some climate issues here with the inversion and things like that,” said Phillips’ wife, Kayla. “So if you can make a difference with that, that would be great.”

However, some we talked to today say that they could care less about what he has to say and think he’s doing wrong by our county.

He’s not a specialty crook,” said Else. “He’s the same as everybody else and and he’s stealing our national oil reserves and our munitions and taking the meat out of our military. This is against the preamble to the Constitution, that we will have a federal government that will provide for our common defense. He’s not doing so.”

Biden will be in Utah on August 8, so we’ll be seeing him here in Utah in only a short amount of time. According to ABC News, the president will be discussing investments in conservation and the protection of our natural resources.