SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The Utah Pride Center released a statement on social media clarifying that the center will not be permanently closing after its sudden suspension of operations caused questions and concerns across the community.

The Utah Pride Center clarified in a social media post on Aug. 30 that the doors of the center will not be permanently closed rather the suspension of its activities was a “strategic decision to temporarily pause programming in order to conduct an organizational reset.”

Last week, the Center released a statement saying it was unsure what the future holds as the Center could ‘close, revive, or reset.’ In the newest statement, the Center apologized for not effectively communicating as many took it as a sign of a coming permanent closure.

The Center said it is experiencing financial issues, leading to the temporary suspension. It said that while the Utah Pride Festival “successfully demonstrated our mission to celebrate, empower and unite” it did not generate the expected revenue. The Center said the current state of the economy has also added to its financial challenges.

“As a result, we have had to rethink our staffing and program models,” the post said. Last week, the Pride Center leadership team was reduced to six people.

The Center said it will continue its pause during the month of September and will design new programs and areas of focus during this time. “All of these efforts will be aimed at recommitting to and revitalizing the purpose of our organization: meeting the needs of Utah’s LGBTQIA+ community.”

The Center said it will share more information on its upcoming plans in the coming weeks. They also said to send any suggestions to the email

“We are dedicated to finding the answers on how to best serve the community going forward,” the Utah Pride Center leadership previously said. “Reimagining the Center is a long overdue task.”

To learn more or donate to the Center, see its website here.