SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah man was arrested after police say he recklessly drove the wrong way doing donuts on the freeway early Wednesday morning.

Robert Glenn Branson, 53, faces misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and going the way, reckless driving, interference with an arresting officer, refusing a drug test, and possession of marijuana.

Utah Highway Patrol said officers responded to the area of I-80 and 700 East early Wednesday morning on Feb. 22. When officers arrived they found Branson allegedly going the wrong way, doing donuts, and making “strange statements.”

According to the booking affidavit, Branson told police he had been drinking and smoking weed. Responding officers noted that he was showing several signs of impairment. When officers detained Branson, he allegedly fought and made “odd and aggressive” statements, some of which were sexual in nature.

Officers reportedly found marijuana in his car. A warrant was also presented to drug test Branson, but Branson allegedly told police they would “have to shoot him.”

According to police, throughout the ordeal, Branson was “aggressive, erratic, and highly unpredictable” and mentioned meth and other drugs several times.