Utah (ABC4) — Utah Highway Patrol will increase seat belt enforcement for Click It or Ticket Week in order to encourage safety for motorists.

Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement will take place from May 22 through June 4. The Utah Highway Patrol and the Utah Dept. of Public Safety said they are doing this to remind Utahns to always buckle up.

“Road conditions can change in an instant,” the press release states. In 2022, crash survivors Ryan and Morgan Bailey said seat belts saved their lives after an unexpected dog crossed into the road.

“Wearing a seatbelt is the number one thing you can do every time you get in your car to prevent yourself from death or serious injury,” said UHP Lt. Colonel Mark Zesiger, Utah Highway Patrol

The Baileys were reportedly on their way from Cedar City to Syracuse when a dog crossed the highway in front of them. According to UHP, Ryan said he knew the best practice is to avoid swerving, but when he thought about his own dogs his instinct was to avoid the animal.

This maneuver caused their truck to roll six times. However, because both were buckled, they survived and suffered no serious injuries.

“I felt my body hitting all different parts of the vehicle, there was dirt flying everywhere, glass flying everywhere,” recalled Morgan Bailey. “I can, to this day, hear the sound.”

Morgan said it was one of the scariest things that ever happened and she knew it could have been worse. UHP said the Baileys learned an important lesson in roadway obstacles, as well as seatbelt use.

“You never know when that seatbelt and driving safely is going to literally save your life,” said Ryan.

During Click It or Ticket Week, 40 law enforcement agencies throughout Utah will work an additional 380 shifts to look for motorists not wearing seat belts.