SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Students at the University of Utah will have to “slow their roll” when getting around campus on bikes, scooters, skateboards, or golf carts. In a new safety update, the University administration has implemented a 10-mile-per-hour speed limit.

“We’re not anti-skateboard, anti-scooter or anti-bike,” said U of U police operations Captain Brian Lohrke. “We’re pro-safety.”

Earlier this month, students will notice yellow signs placed on campus advising students of the new 10 mph speed limit. The University said the signs also warn campus commuters that 10 mph is “slower than you think.”

Lohrke said the average walking pace is about 3 mph. Traveling at 10 mph is three times faster and in some areas of highly populated areas on campus, there have reportedly been many close calls. Lohrke said the speeds of riders are a common complaint from students walking around campus.

“We have a large campus and you have to get from one point to another,” Lohrke said in a U of U safety bulletin. “We’d love to see more bicycles on campus because we know it’s difficult to park here. We are having great fall weather and it’s great exercise, so let’s do it, but let’s do it safely.”

The new speed limits come just two months after a “violent crash” in the Marriott Library Plaza. According to the University of Utah, a cyclist and skateboarder collided and neither was wearing a helmet. Both students were taken to the University of Utah Hospital for “fairly severe injuries.”

The crash got the conversation on campus rider safety and helped lead to the newly posted speed limits.

The Department of Public Safety at the University of Utah will be increasing its patrols in high-traffic areas of campus to enforce the new speed limits. The University said in cases of “extreme negligence,” citations will be issued.

Lohrke recommended students who ride bikes, skateboards, or scooters on campus download a smartphone app that can monitor speeds if their mode of transportation does not have a speedometer installed.

The U also offered tips for pedestrians and riders while on campus. For riders, U officials recommended reducing speeds, wearing a helmet, avoiding distractions and approaching crosswalks slowly and cautiously. Pedestrians are advised to stay visible, walk and cross only in designated areas, avoid distractions and walk against traffic if sidewalks are unavailable.