SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Nearly four and a half years have passed since University of Utah student-athlete Lauren McCluskey was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. 

On Tuesday, ESPN released a documentary showing never before seen video and interviews from the homicide investigation. The documentary took a critical look at what led up to McCluskey’s death, as well as her family’s multimillion-dollar settlement reached with the University of Utah. 

ESPN outlines the days that passed after McCluskey and her mother both had reached out to campus police on multiple occasions, concerned about McCluskey’s ex-boyfriend, who was a registered sex offender. He later murdered McCluskey and took his own life.

U of U Chief Safety Officer Keith Squires, who was not working for the university at the time of the incident, did an independent investigation into how campus police handled the case.

Squires said he made 30 recommendations, the most important was who should get involved in a situation like this. He said during the 10 days McCluskey was asking for help, no supervisors got involved. Now, if anyone is harmed or threatened, that information goes straight to Squires and they also refer them to victim advocates. 

In this nearly 5-year span, Squires said there has been a fair amount of turnover. Nearly 90 percent of his force wasn’t at the university when McCluskey was murdered. The staff members who were working for the university at the time did not work on the case.