DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The first phase of public comments regarding an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) looking to develop alternatives to the I-15 corridor between Farmington and Salt Lake City came to an end. Now, UDOT is moving into the next phase of preparing a draft EIS by reviewing comments and feedback.

UDOT said it received more than 2,700 across a variety of topics through the open houses held in November or by submitting comments online.

Among the alternatives proposed in the preliminary study was to widen the interstate through either reversible lanes, or general expansion. Also included in the proposed early alternatives would be a myriad of options for existing interchanges, intersections, and freeway ramps.

In an overlook of the public comments, many Utahns have voiced against expanding I-15, saying widening the interstate would negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods near Salt Lake and traffic and gardens near Farmington. Instead, Utahns in these impacted areas are simply asking for sound barriers. One commenter did support the use of reversible lanes to adjust for the flow of traffic instead of widening the freeway.

While it seems overall interstate expansion was taken negatively by Utahns, a look at nearly any impacted interchange found a cluster of comments in support of the variety of options proposed. Commenters shared experiences of backed-up traffic, near-crashes, and general frustrations with many freeway intersections.

Next, the study team from UDOT will review all comments and refine the alternatives based on public feedback, additional information gathered during the comment period, and additional technical analysis and design.

The alternative refinement is said to include efforts to avoid and minimize impacts to the surrounding communities.

A Draft EIS will be released in fall of 2023, followed by another 45-day period of public comment and feedback. UDOT said the draft will include refined alternatives and will provide more detail on how the alternatives will impact neighborhoods, businesses, and properties next to I-15.

Once the Final EIS is released, UDOT will make its decision on if and how it will make changes to the Davis County corridor.