SLAT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The U.S. Navy Concert Band is performing at the University of Utah tonight, Mar. 11, as part of 15 selected cities on its national tour.

The U.S. Navy Band has been performing for free for the public for over 95 years, and its next stop is Utah. The national tours, which often last 12-15 weeks of the year, is one of the band’s “core responsibilities,” according to a press release.

Part of the band’s focus is connecting with audiences in areas of the country that may not have frequent access to the Navy’s musical performances, and with no Navy bases in Utah, Salt Lake City fits the criteria.

The band is performing at 7:30 p.m. at the University of Utah’s Libby Gardner Concert Hall on 1375 East President’s Cir. in Salt Lake City.

The U.S. Navy Band is coming to Utah tonight, Mar. 11, as part of their national tour. (Courtesy of the U.S. Navy Band)

The band is part of 11 Navy bands around the world and has five other performing ensembles. The different ensembles range from the Ceremonial and Concert Bands to the Country/Bluegrass Ensemble and the Cruisers popular music group.

Music has been a part of the Navy since its first official ship took sail in 1798. The captain of the ship, Captain Robert Dale, assembled an enlisted crew of 21 privates, one sergeant, one corporal, and two musicians, according to the U.S. Navy Band.

The sailors in the band today are full-time professional musicians, the majority of which have musical degrees.

“Today, we have Sailors performing around the world, improving relations with our allies abroad as well as telling the Navy story here at home,” U.S. Navy Band Commanding Officer Captain Kenneth Collins said.

Tickets for tonight’s performance are free of charge and can be purchased at the Libby Box Office the night of the event.